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Point 8 Training & Development Inc. is proud to be offering programs, services, and training based on the ground-breaking model of sports and recreation outlined in the β€œThe New Game Plan – Using Sports to Raise Happy, Healthy, and Successful Kids.”  The New Game Plan, authored by Stephen R. Raghoobarsingh, MA, RCC, provides parents, coaches, athletes, and students with innovative strategies to enhance development in all aspects of life.



To provide every child, adult and organization, with the opportunity to realize their full potential
within a progressive society.


Through our universal theory of sport we aim to develop effective and sustainable resources and programs for all members of society that directly contribute to overall life skill development.

To inspire a paradigm shift in sport theories and education by re-categorizing sport and sport participation, in order to enhance physical, social, emotional, and intellectual, and spiritual literacy through athletic participation.


To incorporate The New Game Plan model into our entire operation including policies, procedures, programs, services, and partnerships.

To bring awareness to the impact of social literacy on overall life development and its enhancement through sport participation.


Social Interest

Social Interest is the cornerstone of our efforts. We believe in moving towards a common goal while balancing the needs an individual with the needs of the group.


Innovation is a key trait of everything we do. We believe in applying the major psychological principle of Social Interest to athletics, and in doing so, will offer revolutionary ways of using sports to enhance the quality of life for others.


Professionalism characterizes the way we conduct our business. We believe in building relationships with clients and community partners based upon fairness, honesty, and ethical business practices.


Passion is what drives us. We believe our combined interests in athletics, education, and psychology has lead to the development of ground-breaking programs and services that will positively impact our community for the long-term.


Integrity reflects our moral character. It defines who we are and how we interact with everyone we encounter. Without it, our existence is without purpose.


Open-mindedness describes our approach. We not only welcome your feedback and suggestions, we encourage them.


Diversity reflects who we are. Everyone regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation is enbraced and valued.