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Personal Counselling/Mental Strength Training (MST)


Every Client will participate in 2 phases of Personal Counselling or MST:
"personal" and "performance"


The "personal" phase of MST serves as the foundational phase for any client participating in the MST program for individuals. Traditional counselling environments have often been accused of providing opportunities to "emotionally dump," but then providing very little in the way of tools that create sustainable change.  

With MST, clients are not only encouraged to share their experiences, but also delve deeper into these experiences in such an innovative way that helps them discover their deep-rooted patterns of thinking. MST then supports these clients to harness their strengths in order to create healthier versions of their thinking patterns so they thrive in life and unlock their true potential. 

The personal phase of MST will address the following issues:

  • childhood traumas

  • abuse

  • neglect

  • disordered eating

  • depression

  • stress & anxiety

  • anger management

  • relationship difficulties

As indicated throughout this site, MST utilizes Early Recollections and EMDR in a unique way through The New Game Plan's licensed model to help clients successfully overcome these issues and more. 


The "performance" phase of MST supports the personal phase by bringing the newly developed, healthier patterns of thinking from the personal phase into a client's performance at work, home, and in everyday life.

This phase is all about breaking old, ineffective habits and improving in the following areas: 

  • work-life balance

  • self-awareness

  • stress management

  • confidence

  • relationship-building

  • motivation

  • focus & concentration

The performance phase helps clients accomplish these above benefits by building individualized performance or "game plans" built off of their enhanced patterns of thinking. Most personalized game plans include advanced relaxation, motivation, and visualization techniques. When used in combination, these techniques create a mental environment that provides clients with the tools to overcome life's challenges and experience long-term success. 


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MST Levels & Packages

Each level of our MST program consists of a minimum of 12 sessions. Each session is 50 minutes in length and double-sessions (1 hour 40 minute blocks) are typically scheduled allowing you to complete the program and reach your goals in just 6 visits. Additional sessions beyond these 12 sessions, if required, are free of charge within 6 months of your start date but this time period for free additional sessions increases beyond the “standard level.”

The MST program may be covered, in whole or in part, by your extended medical provider. Please check with your carrier to determine your level of coverage and check “coverage information” at the bottom of this page. Please note that clients dealing with injuries may be subject to different pricing packages.


  • 8 free additional sessions

  • first-come, first-serve scheduling

  • session notes (typed)

Standard Payment Options


  • 10 free additional sessions

  • priority scheduling

  • session notes (typed)

  • telephone support

Elite Payments Options


  • 12 free additional sessions

  • highest-priority scheduling

  • session notes (typed)

  • telephone support

  • out-of-town access

Professional Payment Options

Deposit & Advanced Payments

Clients purchasing the MST program 30 days or more in advance will be required to process their deposit and make future payments here. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to make a deposit, please use our contact form to reach out to us!


Deposit + Standard Payment Options


Deposit + Elite Payment Options


Deposit + Professional Payment Options

"After Program" Support

After completion of the MST Program, clients will be given the opportunity to receive follow-up support. Below, are the "After Program" support packages currently available:


  • 3 follow-up sessions (50 minutes each)

3-Month Payment Option


  • 6 follow-up sessions (50 minutes each)

6-Month Payment Option


  • 12 follow-up sessions (50 minutes each)

12-Month Payment Option