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Sports Counselling/Mental Strength Training (MST)

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Our athletes play at the following levels



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Every athlete will participate in 2 phases of
Sports Counselling or MST: "on-field" & "off-field"


The on-field phase of MST allows our athletes to address the following challenges: 

  • low confidence

  • inconsistent play

  • performance anxiety

  • burnout

  • coping with injury

  • lack of motivation

If you're an athlete experiencing any one of the above difficulties, then MST is designed with you in mind. Our goal is to help you overcome these types of challenges and more while achieving and maintaining your peak level of performance.

Through our advanced techniques and cutting-edge mental preparation, you will become the athlete you've always wanted to be and achieve the athletic heights you've dedicated your athletic career towards. 


The off-field phase is the foundational phase of MST for athletes. We truly believe that an athlete's personal life will have a direct impact on his or her performance. As a result, resolving off-field issues is imperative in ensuring that the on-field work performed by an athlete is sustainable for the long-term.

The off-field phase will address the following issues:

  • childhood traumas

  • abuse

  • neglect

  • disordered eating

  • depression

  • stress & anxiety

  • anger issues

  • relationship difficulties

As indicated in this site, MST utilizes Early Recollections and EMDR in a very unique way through The New Game Plan's licensed model to help athletes successfully overcome these serious issues. 

Free  Consultation

It is our company policy to provide any athlete interested in MST with the opportunity to inquire about the program without any pressure or commitment.  In this consultation, we will go over the entire program at length with you and discuss how we can best support you with your particular set of circumstances.

This complimentary consultation is valued at $125.00

Our athletes play at the following levels







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MST Levels & Packages

Each level of our MST program consists of a minimum of 12 sessions. Each session is 50 minutes in length and double-sessions (1 hour 40 minute blocks) are typically scheduled allowing you to complete the program and reach your goals in just 6 visits. Additional sessions beyond these 12 sessions, if required, are free of charge within 6 months of your start date but this time period for free additional sessions increases beyond the “standard level.”

The MST program may be covered, in whole or in part, by your extended medical provider. Please check with your carrier to determine your level of coverage and check “coverage information” at the bottom of this page.

If you are purchasing a MST package 30 days or more in advance, please see the section below titled "Deposit & Advanced Payments."


  • 8 free additional sessions

  • first-come, first-serve scheduling

  • session notes (typed)

Standard Payment Options


  • 10 free additional sessions

  • priority scheduling

  • session notes (typed)

  • telephone support

  • athletic consultation (1 visit)

Elite Payments Options


  • 12 free additional sessions

  • highest-priority scheduling

  • session notes (typed)

  • telephone support

  • athletic consultations (3 visits)

  • on-field session

  • out-of-town access

  • access to "Annual Membership" option

Professional Payment Options

Deposit & Advanced Payments

Clients purchasing the MST program 30 days or more in advance will be required to process their deposit and make future payments here. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to make a deposit, please use our contact form to reach out to us!


Deposit + Standard Payment Options


Deposit + Elite Payment Options


Deposit + Professional Payment Options

"After Program" Support

After completion of the MST Program, clients will be given the opportunity to receive follow-up support. Below, are the "After Program" support packages currently available:


  • 3 follow-up sessions (50 minutes each)

3-Month Payment Option


  • 6 follow-up sessions (50 minutes each)

6-Month Payment Option


  • 12 follow-up sessions (50 minutes each)

12-Month Payment Option

(Professional Only)

  • social media management & profile building

  • 20 sessions (50 minutes each)

  • telephone support

  • athletic consultations (3 visits)

  • on-field sessions (3 sessions)

  • priority scheduling for immediate family members who purchase any level of MST

Annual Membership (Professional Only) Payment Option

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