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Addictions Counselling

If you live in the Vancouver or Burnaby areas, the chances are very good that you know someone who is struggling, or who has struggled, with addiction. Whether you call it alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse or something else, you are really talking about the same thing and there are solutions out there.

What is Addiction?

The term addiction is generally used to describe a behavior that is obsessive, compulsive, or indicates an excessive psychological / physical dependence on a particular behavior or substance. For example, some people will become overly engaged in drinking alcohol, using drugs, consuming food, accessing pornography, or gambling, in a way that significantly impairs their lives. To an outsider, we may wonder, “Why don’t they just quit?” When a behavior or substance causes harm and wreckage in a person’s life and yet they persist with the behavior, we can presume that an addiction may be present.

    Why does Addiction Happen?

    Without getting too specific, addiction often happens because of our brain! When humans do things that they like, or consume alcohol or drug substances that make them feel good, the reward centres in our brains get stimulated to release substances like dopamine. Depending on the individual and the behavior or substance involved, a compulsion or obsession to recreate the experience may take hold. This is how addiction begins.

    Am I Really Addicted?

    It is often difficult to know whether the problem behavior that you are seeing in others or experiencing in yourself is really addiction. Whether we are talking about drug and alcohol addiction, substance abuse, compulsive overeating, gambling problems, internet addiction or addiction to pornography, people in Vancouver and Burnaby are wondering if their problems are really something that needs to be treated.

    There are some common signs that indicate addiction is present and these include a loss of control over the substance or the coping strategy, repeatedly engaging in the behavior even in the presence of great harm to self, work or family relationships, and increasing tolerance to a substance such as alcohol or drugs.

    If the above symptoms are present in yourself or someone that you care about it is best to seek out a counsellor at the Jericho Counselling offices in Burnaby or Vancouver, contact your physician, speak to someone at your church, or someone else that you trust. A skilled therapist will be able to complete an assessment while your doctor may ask you to complete a questionnaire to determine whether or not you are really addicted.

    Addiction Counselling and Treatment in Burnaby and Vancouver, BC

    Many treatment options exist to address addiction, substance abuse, and other compulsive behaviors. There are 12 step programs available free of charge to anyone who wishes to access them and these are available in most communities in Vancouver and Burnaby. There are also residential treatment options to treat addictions, where individuals go to live for a period of time, generally between a few weeks and a few months, to learn about addiction and how to live a life free from drug and alcohol abuse, and other addiction problems.

    Many people do not have the time or financial resources to access residential treatment and choose to stay at home, continue working or caring for their families, and attend counselling in the Vancouver or Burnaby area to address their addiction problems. The licensed Counsellors at Jericho Counselling are all trained and skilled in helping clients to deal with their concerns about addiction.

    For many people, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, internet, gambling etc., starts off as something fun to do or a way to blow off steam at the end of a difficult day. In some situations, these behaviors can take over as the primary way to cope with difficulties in life and eventually become the only coping strategy used. In cases like this, the counsellors at Jericho Counselling assist clients to identify the problem areas in their lives and then learn healthier coping strategies to deal with their challenges. Over time, these new behaviors become easier to access and more comfortable to practice.

    If you are wondering whether addiction counselling and treatment in Burnaby and Vancouver might be right for you, please call the Jericho Counselling offices in Vancouver and Burnaby at 604 · JERICHO (537 · 4246) to inquire about a complimentary consultation.

    You may also send an email to to ask about a convenient time to set up a meeting at one of our offices in Burnaby or Vancouver to talk about finding healthier ways to cope with addiction, drug abuse, compulsive overeating, gambling problems, or anything else that seems to have gotten out of control and taken over too much of your life.