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Discovery Session

Discovery Session Part 1

We offer a free discovery session ($125 value) so that people are able to experience our innovative model in getting to the root cause of behaviours. In Discovery Session Part 1, we discuss how you can build your mental capacity, see how past memories play an integral role in your current behaviours, and be introduced to our cutting edge counselling framework and more!

Each one of these will allow you to discover things about yourself that will guide you to the next step of your success.

We understand that everyone has busy lives, or you may be remote and unable to make it in person for a discovery session. Below, we have provided you with a digital solution so you are able to experience our licensed model in the comfort of your own home. Our discovery sessions are designed to give you the information to make an informed decision. They are non-committal and come with no pressure or selling. We want you to feel at ease during this process.

Please contact us to receive the password in order to view Discovery Session Part 1.

Watch the video here

Discovery Session Part 2

If you seen Discovery Session Part 1, our Discovery Session Part 2 takes things a step further. For those people experiencing deeper challenges, this video will take you through concepts such as acceptance over experience and how people create suffering.

The same password will give you access to Discovery Session Part 2.

Watch the video here