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Discovery Session

Discovery Session: Part 1

Thank you for visiting our discovery session page. This discovery session, valued at $125, is now available here free of charge!  In this session, we take the time to explore our innovative counselling framework which has helped people throughout the world resolve their issues. In "Discovery Session: Part 1," we specifically discuss how you can re-train your brain and build your mental muscle in order to overcome anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, injuries, and much more.

We understand that your life is busy and scheduling in a discovery session with us can be a challenge, so with you in mind, we are proud to offer you an online solution. The online discovery session intends to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about whether or not you choose to participate in any one of our MST programs without any pressure or commitment whatsoever. And, if you have any questions after viewing it, please feel free to send us an e-mail. 

To receive your password to view Discovery Session: Part 1, send us a quick e-mail with your request.

Feel free to watch the video here

Discovery Session: Part 2

Discovery Session: Part 2 takes things to an entirely new level. For those people experiencing deeper challenges, this video will take you through concepts that Point 8 has developed and innovated to help you resolve these deeper-rooted issues. 

Please use the same password for Discovery Session: Part 1 to gain access to Discovery Session: Part 2.

Feel free to watch the video here