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Child And Youth Counselling

It is common for parents to worry about their children, but do you find that your worries are constant and that your child is generally unhappy, lonely, anxious, distracted, impulsive, negligent, resists school or family rules, has fears or irrational worries? Parents do all they can possibly do to console their children but sometimes children feel more comfortable opening up to an un-biased third party. At Jericho Counselling, we offer support to Children and Youth in a way that can create greater harmony in families and young people.

The Counsellors at Jericho Counselling are trained and experienced in working with Children and Youth. Most of our counsellors come with extensive experience working with Children and Youth and this is especially helpful when engaging the younger members of families. Jericho Counsellors use expressive techniques, play therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy when counselling children and youth. These counselling approaches are effective for most problems that bring youth and children into counselling.

Children and Youth may be under more pressure than ever before and many seem to be showing the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression even before they enter school. Increased use of Social Media and Cell Phones at younger and younger ages, has also made it easier for Bullying to extend beyond the school yard and infiltrate every waking moment of our children’s lives. Girls continued to be pressured to grow up quickly and to dress in revealing ways to appeal to boys; all at a much younger age than previous generations. Boys continue to be challenged to fit into educational settings that can sometimes seem to just be a set up for failure or the diagnosis of ADHD.

At Jericho Counselling, we offer expertise to parents who are concerned about the best ways to support their children / teens and to manage behavioural issues. Our counsellors also work directly with Children and Youth to help them understand the challenges they face and to learn new ways to confront and conquer them.

If you are wondering whether Jericho Counselling can help you with your worries about your Child / Teen, please give us a call and ask us which counsellor is right for you.