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Insurance Coverage

Will Insurance Cover My Counselling?

Many people have access to extended health insurance plans through their employers.  If you are one of the lucky ones you may even have counselling coverage as part of your plan.  You may be able to use these benefits to cover all or part of the costs of counselling.

First you will need to check with your particular insurance company and group plan to ensure exactly what type and amount of coverage you have.  The plans differ dramatically from one to another so that even within a specific insurance company there will be many different types of coverage.

You will need to ensure that your coverage provides for counselling services provided by either a Registered Clinical Counsellor or a Certified Canadian Counsellor.  If you have this type of coverage you simply need to provide the receipt that you get from Jericho to your insurance company and they will reimburse you at the rate outlined in your plan.

    What If I Don’t Have Coverage for an R.C.C.?

    If your insurance plan does have counselling coverage but does not acknowledge the professional counselling services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor it may be possible to have your employer make a small change to the insurance plan.

    You may wish to speak directly with your Human Resources department and ask that they make an amendment to the company extended benefits plan.  Most employers like to increase the amount of benefits that their employees can access, especially when it does not cost the employer any additional fee.

    It may also be helpful to craft a letter to your Human Resources department making the request to alter the counselling coverage.  Please use the link below to a document with the information you will need to put into your own letter when making the request.

     Click here to download the Requesting Insurance Coverage Letter example.