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What is MST?

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Mental Strength Training (MST) is a licensed counselling framework and a by-product of The New Game Plan model of sport and recreation. The model was developed by Stephen R. Raghoobarsingh, M.A., R.C.C., and was developed so that we could use sport, recreation, and activity in an intentional manner that directly enhances our self-esteem and improves our psychological well-being.

The New Game Plan is founded on the Alderian Psychology principle of Social Interest. Social Interest, basically, refers to:

"Moving together towards a common goal, while balancing the needs
of the individual with the needs of the group"

Applying this core principle to the field of sport and recreation has resulted in a paradigm-shifting model of sport and recreation resulting in numerous innovative methods and techniques and the revitalization of familiar ones.


With The New Game Plan serving as the basis of the MST counselling framework, both athletes and non-athletes will be introduced to a cutting-edge program designed to help each type of client reaching their personal and professional goals.

Over the past twenty years, MST has helped individuals struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, anger management, low confidence, emotional difficulties, performance issues, eating difficulties, and so forth.

MST is a 12-session program. Each session is 50 minutes in length and double-sessions (1 hour 40 minute blocks) are typically scheduled allowing you to complete the program and reach your goals in just 6 visits. If additional sessions are required beyond the first 12 sessions, these additional sessions will be free of charge within 6 months of your start date.

Please keep in mind that MST sessions are generally covered in whole, or in part, by most extended medical insurance carriers. Please check with your carrier to determine your exact level of coverage.


Below is a breakdown of the MST sessions along with the stages and applications typically associated with each session. Please keep in mind that every individual is different and is expected to go at their own pace. As a result, additional sessions may be required, but will be free of charge within 6 months of the original start date.  

MST also utilizes the highly effective Early Recollections and EMDR techniques. But, as indicated earlier, these tools become "renewed" once they are adapted by The New Game Plan licensed model and, consequently, have a significant impact on our clients. The terminology you see below reflects these innovative applications used as part of the MST program.   


MST Visit #1 (Sessions 1&2: Stage 1)

  • Early Memory Collection
  • Life Conviction Exploration

MST Visit #2 (Sessions 3&4: Stage 2)

  • Life Conviction Exploration Review
  • Grounding Tool Installation

MST Visit #3 (Sessions 5&6: Stage 3)

  • New Game Plan Filter #1 Revision
  • New Game Plan Filter #1 Installation



MST Visit #4 (Sessions 7&8: Stage 4)

  • New Game Plan Filter #2 Revision
  • New Game Plan Filter #2 Installation

MST Visit # 5 (Sessions 9&10: Stage 5)

  • New Game Plan Filter Tweaking
  • Mental Muscle Training

MST Visit #6 (Sessions 11&12:  Stage 6)

  • Mental Muscle Training
  • Advanced Mental Preparation

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